Hair Removal

Why waste the time plucking or shaving day in and day out, when a few zaps can make unwelcome hair a thing of the past?  Skincredible offers a full-range of hair removal procedures targeting every area from the face and underarms to the bikini line and legs.

Today, laser hair removal is the fastest-growing, most widely performed, non-invasive aesthetic procedure in cosmetic dermatology. Women often choose to remove unwanted hair from their chins, upper lips, underarms, bikini line, and legs to eliminate the endless hours (and cost) of shaving or waxing. For men, laser hair removal has become a popular solution for excessive hair on their face, parts of the neck, back, and chest.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure using intense pulsed light to remove unwanted hair. During treatment, a light beam is passed through your skin, targeting dark pigment called melanin. When the light beam hits the hair follicle where the hair growth originates, the intense heat instantly destroys the unwanted hair at the source.

Skincredible utilizes Alma® Lasers Harmony® XL platform to address patient’s concerns regarding the removal of unwanted hair. Employing advanced Continuous Wave (CW) technology specific to the Harmony® XL, energy is safely delivered in the optimal therapeutic range for treatment while simultaneously eliminating the dangerous energy spikes that can cause burning and other undesirable side effects.

Laser hair removal can work any area of the body where you would like smooth skin. Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve desired results, though the number of sessions may vary with each patient and body area. 

No down time is generally required following treatment. You are encouraged to speak with your Skincredible provider regarding the number of treatments that may be needed and any concerns or questions you might have.

September Specials

Take on a fresh glow with the changing season!

Smiling woman holding large red and orange maple leaf partially covering her face.As the leaves begin to change and the fall social scene beckons, this is the perfect time to kiss that tired, summer skin goodbye!

Each of these treatments (sold in packages of three) will help erase the signs of too much fun in the sun and have you positively glowing for the holidays!

Pixel RF: regularly $3,000; September Price: $2,400

Perfect 10 Peel: regularly $1,080; September Price: $890

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): regularly $1,080; September Price: $890

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