The redness. The blemishing. That burning feeling tearing at your skin. We know rosacea can be hard to manage. 

Laser therapy at Skincredible uses energy to directly target affected skin, eliminating the damaged blood vessels & reducing redness – leaving you with a clean and calmed complexion.

Often mistaken for acne due to the redness and pimples that accompany it, rosacea is a common, chronic skin condition. Though common, rosacea is unique in that it causes the small blood vessels to be visible from the skin’s surface – a symptom not generally found in other skin conditions.

While, sadly, rosacea cannot be cured, effective treatment may help to minimize symptoms and can improve the appearance of a patient’s skin. Among the several procedures available at Skincredible to address rosacea, laser therapy utilizing Alma® Lasers’ Harmony XL platform is often a starting point when developing a long-term treatment plan.

Precisely targeting the affected areas, laser energy is delivered directly to the skin, facilitating the elimination of the damaged blood vessels responsible for causing a red and flushed complexion. Visible veins in the treated area will generally begin to fade, reducing redness within a few weeks.

Immediately following the procedure, your skin may have a mild redness or sensitivity but these dissipate quickly. The intensity and duration of laser therapy for rosacea is different for each patient. Depending on certain factors, a topical anesthetic may be applied to minimize any discomfort that may occur during the treatment process.

There is no downtime typically required following a laser rosacea treatment, although we encourage patients to limit their exposure to sun immediately following treatment in order to prevent any damage to the skin during the healing process.

Treatments are generally quick, being performed in 15 – 30 minutes. Most individuals require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. Your Skincredible provider will speak with you before treatment regarding your concerns and desired results as well as the number of treatments that may be necessary.

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