Let’s Talk PixelRF: The What, Why, and Hows for Skincare

Now that everyone is back from summer vacation, it’s time to get serious about your skin and start thinking about looking and feeling fabulous for the holidays! Enter PixelRF!

What Is PixelRF

PixelRF is an FDA-approved fractional resurfacing laser that uses technology to gently heat the skin to remove acne scars, shrink pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and clear visible blemishes.

How Does Pixel RF Work?

Pixel RF is a fractional radiofrequency non-laser treatment designed to improve the tone and texture of the skin. The applicator has small electrodes that discharge patented unipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy a short distance from the skin. In this gap, a portion of the air molecules ionize, resulting in the formation of plasma (a gas-like state of matter capable of conducting, and interacting with, electricity).

The collision of plasma and RF current leads to micro-sparks in the plasma that happen between the skin surface and the electrodes. These sparks result in gently removing the outer layer of skin and creating tiny channels in the epidermis. This mild treatment on the skin stimulates a series of reactions that promote quick healing and renewal of the skin, resulting in improved collagen production and overall skin remodeling.

The PixelRF treatment improves your appearance by treating a small portion of your skin at a time, similar to how a damaged painting is delicately restored or a photographic image is altered pixel by pixel.

What is the Recovery Time Like?

You can anticipate having some degree of redness to your skin and possibly some inflammation following treatment. The amount of redness depends on your own genetics, as well as how aggressive the treatment was performed.

As with all treatments, the results and side effects will vary between patients. Some patients may have more redness than others or stay red longer than someone else. Generally, redness may last for a minimum of 12-24 hours but may last up to 5 to 7 days.

After the redness subsides, patients should expect chapped or rough texture skin for a period of up to 14 days – in some cases up to 21 days following treatment.

It’s important to keep in mind the healing time if you want to look your best for that holiday party. Make sure to schedule your procedure far enough in advanced that you don’t end up at the office party in the middle of healing.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

Again, everyone is different but it generally takes around six weeks to see results from the treatment. The name of the game here is “patience” so your skin can health completely without being rushed.

Some lucky patients see amazing results after one treatment, but others may need more than one to achieve their skin care goals. Due to the nature of, well, nature, it’s best to avoid this procedure in the summer months. Instead, opt to do it during the fall and winter when temperatures are a bit cooler.

Are you ready?

For more information on if PixelRF is right for your skincare goals, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our trained clinicians today!


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