Kinetic Dermabrasion

Resurface, Remodel & Lift!
And relax a bit too…

Soothing and reviving the skin as it gently resurfaces, Kinetic Dermabrasion simultaneously clears and infuses your skin with targeted concentrations of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and essential oils. Paired with lymphatic draining massage – clearing the body of toxins – Kinetic Dermabrasion marries the renewal of traditional dermabrasion with the refreshment and relaxation of a gentle facial massage.

Using a process known as Collagenix Matrix Rebuilding, causing the release of collagen and elastin within the dermis, Kinetic Dermabrasion not only diminishes and erases external imperfections but supercharges the body’s regenerative abilities at a cellular level. All leading to a healthy and reinvigorating restructuring of the skin from the inside out. 

A dynamic upgrade to traditional dermabrasion, Kinetic Dermabrasion replaces, renews, and rebuilds your skin’s cellular structure, bathing each cell with oxygen, antioxidants, vitamins, natural peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Because no two patients are alike, Skincredible offers a variety of Kinetic Dermabrasion therapies, each specifically designed to address the unique concerns of your skin’s health.

Pineapple Enzyme Therapy

Tightening. Firming. Hydrating. Skincredible’s Pineapple Enzyme Crystal Therapy bathes your skin in an anti-aging essential oil serum while using the dynamic action of Kinetic Dermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and increase the circulation of lymphatic interstitial plasma nutrients, draining your dark circles and smoothing your puffy eyes.

Recommended for patients suffering from pronounced dark circles, puffy eyes, and oxygen depleted skin.

Lavender Restoration Therapy

Harnessing the natural restorative properties of an Old World remedy, Lavender Restoration Crystal Therapy removes internal toxins while purifying and providing balance to the epidermis – creating a noticeable vitality to your skin.

Along with restoring the appearance of the skin, clogged pores are cleared and enlarged pores reduced, resulting in your skin feeling silky smooth and looking visibly lightened. Recommended for patients suffering from dry and dull skin and those with a pale complexion.

Pumpkin Enzyme Therapy

Pumpkin Enzyme Crystal Therapy bathes your skin and senses in the sweet aroma of Pumpkin while gently stimulating the release of fibroblasts in the dermis – one of the body’s secrets to rejuvenating collagen and elastin.

Reinvigorating your skin from the inside-out, the movement of Kinetic Dermabrasion clears and finishes the surface of your skin while gently dispersing blood plasma nutrients throughout the epidermis. Recommended for patients suffering from collagen and elastin depleted skin.

Eucalyptus Tea Tree Therapy

Two of nature’s most potent antibacterial and antiseptic gifts – eucalyptus and tea tree extract – are combined in this soothing therapy to gently target the inflammatory precursors to acne breakouts. 

Minimize and smooth acne scarred skin with Eucalyptus Tea Tree Crystal Therapy, reigniting your skin’s natural collagen and elastin rebuilding process. Recommended for patients suffering from acne and hormonal flare-ups, along with patients with sensitive skin.

Vanilla Soy PhytoEstrogen Therapy

Vanilla Soy PhytoEstrogen Crystal Therapy pairs the potency of Kinetic Dermabrasion with calming vanilla soy crystals, delivering phytoestrogen (nature’s organic estrogen) directly into your freshly revealed and absorbent skin cells. 

Providing relief to estrogen-starved skin, this therapy can help to even the skin’s tone, increase hydration, and smooth skin texture. Recommended for premenopausal and menopausal women.

Mandarin Orange Therapy

Revitalize and repair sun damaged skin cells. Infusing the skin with antioxidant-rich Vitamins “C and E”, Mandarin Orange Crystal Therapy penetrates the epidermis initiating up to 48-72 hours of continual collagen activation and growth. 

Cellular tissue is enlivened, springing your skin back to health. Damaged cells are shed or recycled. The skin is rehydrated. All leading to a brighter cleaner complexion. Recommend for patients with sun damage, discoloration and hyperpigmentation.


Wild Blueberry Therapy

Fight free radicals! Tap into nature’s antioxidant powerhouse, with Wild Blueberry Crystal Therapy. Featuring the highest concentrations of Anthocyanins and Phenolics, antioxidant-rich blueberry enzymes are dynamically delivered into the skin tissue, fighting off epidermal and cellular membrane damage from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. 

During treatment, collagen generation is triggered and elastin peptide release initiated in the dermis, strengthening, protecting and healing your capillaries. Recommended for patients with skin damage, broken capillaries and fine lines and wrinkles


Cranberry Therapy

Rehydrate and protect with antioxidant rich Wild Cranberry Crystal Therapy. Designed for intense cellular reconstruction and lipid hydration, this treatment can help protect against free radical damage that causes accelerated and premature aging of the skin. 

Penetrating the skin’s surface, strong antioxidants – delivered during treatment – flush the epidermis with nutrients, amino acids and peptides, neutralizing free radicals while initiating collagen renewal and regrowth. Recommended for patients with dry and dehydrated skin, loose skin, and fine lines and wrinkles.


Vita-A Berry Therapy

The power of the berry! Targeting fine lines and wrinkles, Vita-A Berry Crystal Therapy bathes your skin in Vitamin A and Alpha Lipoic Acids, protecting your skin’s intercellular matrix from the damaging effects of free radicals. 

This advanced repair treatment replenishes and nourishes your skin’s collagen and elastic matrix while rejuvenating cell tissue – ultimately helping to smooth and lift the skin. Recommended for patients looking to treat loose skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

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