New Year, New You: Skin Resolutions To Make in the New Year

It’s that time of year…time to celebrate surviving another year, to look back on what we did right and what we would do differently, and make resolutions to improve in the new year.

If your skin could talk, would it praise you for your daily skincare routine, or would it cry out for help from anyone within earshot? Now is the time to listen to your skin and set goals to help make it happier and healthier. Happy skin glows and glowing skin improves your outward appearance, confidence, and mental health.

Here are some skincare goals we think should be on everyone’s list this coming year.

Wear sunscreen

You should be wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day, regardless of how many clouds are in the sky. Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage, premature aging, and aids in the fight against skin cancer. Make sure to read the instructions on how to apply it so that you get the full SPF benefits. You should be applying at least a nickel-sized amount to your face.

Eat and drink for your skin

Back away from the soda! That’s right. Put. it. Down! This year, make a goal to hydrate more with actual H20, because water isn’t just for your insides or swimming in. Your skin can lose its elasticity and dry out if it doesn’t get enough moisture. So hydrate! Your skin will thank you.

Establish a skincare routine

Your skin serves as a barrier and one of your body’s first lines of defense against harmful germs. And to top it off, it has to bear the burden of all the stress and pollutants you come in contact with. Keep it healthy by committing to a skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Clean out your skincare products

It’s easy to accumulate a stockpile of skincare products. The hard truth is that they do not last forever. To see how long a product lasts, look for an icon with a small jar with a number inside. That number represents how many months your product is good after you open it. To keep track, write the date that you opened it on the bottle.

Set an appointment on your calendar to go through your skincare products once every six months. Ditch what you don’t use, what didn’t work, or is expired.

See your Esthetician regularly for maintenance treatments

Sit down and make your maintenance appointments with your esthetician. Then go into your planner, calendar, or virtual assistant and set them in stone. Keeping up with your maintenance treatments will help keep your skin in top shape and you won’t fall behind in your goals.

Skincare Tailored to Your Goals

No matter what your goals are this year, Skincredible is here to help you keep those resolutions (and not haggle you too much about the ones you didn’t keep…).

So what are you waiting for? The ball to drop? Make an appointment with one of our trained clinicians to discuss your New Year’s skin resolutions and we will help you get on track for a successful new year!


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