Love Yourself – Beauty Starts From Within

It’s no secret that all forms of media are full of unrealistic beauty expectations. Marketing campaigns are built around making their demographic feel like they are not good enough and won’t be without the product they are pushing. Let’s look at a few ways that the internet and its influencers alter their media to give you a false impression of their true selves while exploring what you can do to build self-confidence and be comfortable in your beautiful skin.

Filters Tear Down Confidence

You can’t watch a TikTok video or see an Instagram photo these days without being exposed to a filter or two. From She-Hulk to freckles, there is a filter to alter anyone and in some cases, multiple filters are applied to a single piece of media.

When you open a magazine, rarely is there a photo of anyone that hasn’t been altered in some way, whether with lighting or cleaning up blemishes. In the case that digital editing tools were not used, professional makeup was (and those looks can be hard for the average person to achieve without training).

Altered photos have become an art form itself. Keep this in mind when admiring your favorite celebrity or influencer so you don’t get caught up in the “flawlessness” of their body.

Beauty Begins On The Inside

Beauty begins with the confidence to be you. There is a plethora of books and resources on the internet on how to improve your confidence. Very Well Mind has some tips on boosting your self-confidence; their advice includes not comparing yourself to others and surrounding yourself with positive people.

Speaking of being yourself, it’s worth mentioning that aging is a part of life and can be done with grace and style. Leveling up, as we’ve called it before, is a right of passage that should be celebrated, not covered up with filters and edits. Doing too much to achieve a youthful appearance could lead to the opposite and appear fake instead of natural (and that is not a good look on anyone).

Self-Care For Your Self-Confidence

When it comes to self-care for your confidence, you can start with a skin routine with the right products for your skin type as Good Housekeeping says in their article 50 Best Self-Care Ideas and Activities, you can do things like refilling your water bottle hourly, making time to zone out, or take a lunchtime stroll.

In terms of your skin, from the procedures to the products you use on your skin, everything should be to achieve a goal you have and not to look like someone else.

It All Comes Down To You

At the end of the day, your skin is your body’s largest organ and everything you feel shows up there. Sometimes the solution isn’t adding another product or procedure. Sometimes it’s taking the time to care for yourself. And above all, before making a decision about your skin, evaluate why you are doing it and that your expectations are realistic. Your trained Skincredible clinician can help you along that path.

Are You Ready?

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