Body Contouring Part 2 – How Skincredible Can Help

In our last post, we covered what body contouring is. Now the next question is, what are your options and how can Skincredible help? Let’s go.

Skincredible Specializes In Non-Invasive Procedures

Skincredible specializes in the non-invasive procedure category of body contouring. With a wide variety of technologies and methods available, it’s crucial to be able to tell the difference between quality procedures and high-tech snake oil.

We have chosen to use the technologies we use based on the safety and efficiency of the procedure as a whole. Specifically, we have decided to utilize the JuVaShape method which uses both radio frequency and ultrasound. This method has proven to be both safe and effective for body contouring.

What Is The JuvaShape Ultra Method?

JuVaShape employs ultrasound and radio frequency energy to eliminate unwanted fat cells and cellulite. The two forms of radio frequency energy enable JuVaShape to disperse heat across various skin regions, causing collagen fibers to contract and the skin to become taut without hurting the surrounding tissue. The treatment also enhances connective tissue, smoothing skin texture and reducing swelling, redness, and overall volume.

These methods have a documented history of being both effective and safe. Our thermal heat treatment can help reduce volume, tighten skin, and improve cellulite. Bonus! The procedure is usually painless, causing only a warming sensation. However, achieving full efficacy requires multiple sessions, which may vary depending on the person.

Important Things To Remember About Body Contouring

  1. It’s important to maintain realistic expectations. It is important to note that non-invasive body contouring devices have limitations in terms of volume reduction and patient BMI. For patients who maintain good self-care habits, including exercise and a healthy diet, and experience some extra skin or fat in specific areas, body contouring may be a viable option for treatment.
  2. Not an option for those who are not dedicated. Non-invasive body contouring may not be effective for individuals who are severely overweight and do not engage in regular exercise. If you do not have healthy habits now, consider building those up before undergoing the procedure so you do not waste your time and money.
  3. Be patient. Results can take time. Typically, multiple treatments are necessary to see results for non-invasive body contouring procedures. After the initial series, maintenance treatments are needed, although they are spaced further apart. These treatments aid in maintaining the results to a certain extent.
  4. You get out what you put in. Body contouring works hand in hand with a patient’s lifestyle. Patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water will experience better results and require less maintenance treatments.
  5. Body contouring is just one piece of a larger picture. Body contouring is most effective when included in a skin health and wellness plan that is personalized by you and your provider for long-term results.

Are you ready?

Our trained clinicians are available to assist you in achieving your body contouring goals and recommend the best products for you! Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if one of our recommended products is right for you!


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